After 5 exciting games, Hong Kong Women’s National Squad is one step away from the Bronze Medal.  Hong Kong grasped their third victory with a score of 4-0 over Brunei.  The team then faced greater challange playing Thailand and DPR Korea.  Playing against teams ranking 2nd and 1st in the tournament, Hong Kong put up a brave fight and managed to score a goal against 1st ranking team DPR Korea.  The games finished at 4-0 to Thailand and 4-1 to DPR Korea.   Hong Kong will be playing Brunei for Bronze Medal on 28th December, 2015.

Current Results 

27 Dec 2015
DPR Korea 4-1 Hong Kong, China

25 Dec 2015
Hong Kong, China 0-4 Thailand

24 Dec 2015
Brunei 0-4 Hong Kong, China

22 Dec 2015
Hong Kong, China 12-0 Indonesia

21 Dec 2015
Hong Kong, China 15-0 Cambodia

Standings are available HERE.

Stayed tuned for more results and good luck Hong Kong!