The Hong Kong Hockey Association is pleased to announce that Hong Kong will host the 3rd Hong Kong Quadrangular Hockey Tournament (Men’s) featuring Air India, Chinese Taipei, Guangdong and Hong Kong from 4-8 February 2009.   While Guangdong will be defending the title, Air India will make their first appearance at the tournament bringing new excitement to our local fans.


The tournament will be played at King’s Park Hockey Ground and the match schedule is as follows:

4.2.2009 (Wed)Guangdong vs Chinese Taipei6:00pm
Hong Kong vs Air India8:15pm
5.2.2009 (Thu)Air India vs Guangdong6:00pm
Chinese Taipei vs Hong Kong8:15pm
6.2.2009 (Fri)Rest Day
7.2.2009 (Sat)Air India vs Chinese Taipei2:00pm
Hong Kong vs Guangdong4:30pm
8.2.2009 (Sun)3rd vs 4th (Bronze medals)2:00pm
1st vs 2nd (Gold medals)4:30pm