Download “HKHAWS 20-21 Circular No. 10 – Promotion & Relegation Guidelines, Captains Notes & E-Match Cards” PDF



Dear Convenors,


Please find below on behalf of the HKHAWS Committee the following:

  1. Captains Notes & Annex 1 (Electronic Match Card Guidelines);
  2. Guidelines and considerations regarding promotion and relegation for the coming season, which are consistent with the guidelines and considerations circulated previous seasons but updated to address the possibility of a curtailed season; and
  3. Extracts from the Competition Bye-Laws relating to the submission of electronic match cards and related fines as a reminder to teams.

Please remind your teams that all match cards must be properly submitted and completed otherwise fines may be applied as per the bye-laws.


Kind regards


Download “HKHAWS 20-21 Circular No. 9 – WL 2020-21 Finalized Fixtures for Nov-May 2020-2021” PDF

Fixtures Nov 2020 – 8 May 2021


Dear Convenors


Thank you for your feedback on the draft fixtures. Please find attached the final fixtures for league games for the coming season. Fixtures for the knock out tournaments will be circulated later under separate cover.

Please check times closely and ensure that teams and umpires arrive sufficiently early for matches to be able to start on time. Please also ensure that all parties comply with the government’s ongoing Covid-19 restrictions and the HKHA’s guidelines.

We hope you all enjoy the return to hockey and have a good season.


Kind regards


Download “HKHAWS 20-21 Circular No. 8 – WL 2020-21 Société Generale Premier Pre-Season Day 31st October, 2020” PDF


Facemasks and Social Distancing Guidelines for HKHAWS Société Generale Women’s Hockey Pre



Dear Convenors of Saturday League Premier Teams:


In anticipation of the start of the WS 20-21 Winter League, the Societe Generale Premier Women’s Hockey Pre-Season Day will be held on the 31st October, 2020. Attached please find the fixtures. The Day will be a closed event being live streamed. All teams must fill in the Match Card Template with all involved personnel (Max. 16 person team + 1 coaches) by 9 am Friday, 30th October, 2020. The name list shall be checked off on the day and no other persons shall be allowed in the venue.

Social Distancing regulations as issued by the government shall be strictly enforced at all times. In addition, please take note that spitting or nose blowing by any party on pitch will lead to 2
minute suspension and green card. Please find updated HKHA COVID Guidelines via the following link. Players are expected to strictly adhere at all times to government rules as well as tournament director instructions on the day or risk having their team disqualified.

Please note that the water fountain at Kings Park is not in use. The HKHAWS will provide each team with 24 bottles (430 ml each) of water. Please ensure your team has enough and make extra arrangements if needed.

Lastly, please find the attached Facemask and Social Distancing Guide that will be strictly enforced on the day. We ask that teams be seated according to the chart.

If there are any further questions please do not hesitate to let us know.

We wish to warmly welcome you back to a day of safe and fun hockey.

Look forward to seeing you all on the pitch.


Best Regards,

Eva Thometz
Tournament Director

Download “HKHAWS 20-21 Circular No. 7 – WL 2020-21 Warm Up Matches (D1 to D4) on 31 Oct 2020” PDF

Pre-season Warm-up Matches (D1 – D4) on 31 Oct 2020


Dear all,


Further to clubs’ responses we attach fixtures for warm up games on 31st October, 2020. Teams will play another team from the same division.

We trust that there will be no withdrawals by any teams as failure to play such games will cause problems for us with LCSD and potentially prevent us from offering something similar next year to clubs.

We also remind you that each team is responsible for providing an umpire for their own game.

Home named team must provide the paper match card for both teams to complete and send a soft copy by email to Teams should fill in every participating member of your team (including coaches) that are on pitch. Please be reminded that stands will be closed and spectators discouraged.

All players are reminded to adhere to government COVID regulations as well as the latest HKHA COVID guidelines available at the following link.


Best Regards,


Download “HKHAWS 20-21 Circular No. 6 – WL 2020-21 Provisional 2020-21 Women’s Winter League Fixtures” PDF

Provisional 2020-21 Women’s Winter League Fixtures


Dear Convenors,


Please find attached the provisional Winter League 20/21 fixtures. Please kindly submit any comments by noon Friday 30th October. The club umpiring duties will be included in the final version of the fixtures that will be circulated early next week.

Please note that fixtures and some LCSD venues for 2021 remain subject to final confirmation.


Kind regards

Leela Patel
Chairwoman of HKHAWS

Download “HKHAWS 20-21 Circular No. 5 – WL 2020-21 Notes for Convenors” PDF



Dear Club Convenors,

This is a reminder of Women’s League 20-21 on Convenors’ Zoom Meeting at 7pm tonight, Tuesday, 27 Oct 2020. All clubs should attend.

For your reference we attach the Convenors Notes for the new season. Please find below the meeting invitation for your information. Please click the link and be patient to wait at the waiting room:

Meeting ID: 865 2833 6047

Passcode: 551749

The meeting host will accept your entry in due course.

We note some clubs have not provided the details requested previously. Please provide this as soon as possible by email today to


Kind regards

Leela Patel
Chairwoman of HKHAWS

Download “HKHAWS 20-21 Circular No. 4 – WL 2020-21 Club Registration, Fees and First Meeting of Convenors” PDF



Dear Club Convenors,


Please find attached the official letter of invitation for the HKHAWS 2020/21 Winter League together with the checklist.


1. Season Calendar
Target Start Date: The target start date for the Winter League is Saturday 7 November 2020.

In line with Circular No. 3, option A will be the expected competition format.


No Play Dates: Please note that given the ongoing uncertainty we will not be able to accommodate requests for no play dates. However, we have set out below the anticipated calendar:


Season Dates
Season and League start: Saturday 7 November 2020
Season end (i.e. knockout finals): Saturday 5 June 2021


There will be no hockey during the following dates:
Christmas break: 20 December 2020 – 2 January 2021
Chinese new year: 8 February – 19 February 2021
Easter: 2 April – 6 April 2021


2. Registration of Teams & Payment of Fees – Online Form
On or before Friday, 16 October 2020 at 5pm please complete the online club registration form and send an email to and with the following:
Evidence of payments as stipulated in the form to join the league; and
Kit designs if your club is new or has changed its kit design since the 2019/20 season – the designs and colours of the 2 sets of playing uniform (including socks, skirts/skorts and shirts). Shirts must be numbered. Each player must have a unique shirt number within a club.

Fees: Further to Circular No. 3 [HKHAWS 20-21 Circular No. 3 – Return to Hockey, Competition Formats and Fees] fees will be discounted from the previous season and paid in two instalments. The first instalment of fees for the forthcoming season (which are payable by Friday, 16 October 2020 at 5pm) will be as follows:

(A) 100% of League Fees (Team Registration Fee) $750 (per team)

(B) Administration Fees

(i) 100% of Club Affiliation Fee          $750 (per club)
(ii) 50% of Administration Fee           $4,400 (per team)


(A) and (B) must be made as two separate payments.


Please note that if a Club pays the above fees aggregated into a single payment, such payment will not be accepted by the HKHA.

Details about the payment methods and calculations are included in the attached Invitation to Register. We hope that all of the above is clear, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


3. Convenors’ Meeting

Convenors’ Meeting: please note that a Club Convenors’ meeting will be held by zoom in on Tuesday, 27 October 2020 at 7:00pm. It is important that you (or a representative) attend this meeting.


4. Player Registrations

● Club convenors must ensure for their records that the email address provided for each currently registered player is correct and valid.

● A key change is that every player (or their legal guardian) has to complete an online registration individually.

● Details on how returning players and new players will be registered in the new website will be provided separately.


5. Ongoing communication with HKHAWS

During these uncertain times we appreciate some teams may be experiencing difficulties either now or later in the season and we strongly encourage all clubs to maintain open communication with us about potential difficulties so they can be considered carefully by the Committee earlier on. For example, the minimum number of players that may be registered in a team is 15 players.

Should you have any concerns about meeting this requirement please contact the HKHAWS by 2pm on Thursday, 15 October 2020 so that the Committee may consider any potential dispensations on a case by case basis prior to the payment deadline.


Best regards

The Hong Kong Hockey Association
Women’s Section

Download “HKHAWS 20-21 Circular No. 3 – Return to Hockey, Competition Formats and Fees” PDF


HKHAWS – Return to Hockey Phases


Dear Convenors,

Further to HKHAWS 20-21 Circular No. 2 – Women’s League 20-21 Provisional Divisions & Update. Based on this information we are pleased to provide further updates on:
(I) Return to hockey stages

(II) Proposed competition formats and

(III) Team fees (including discounts and timing of payments).

Whilst it is difficult to predict with any certainty when the women’s winter league can resume, we attach a summary of the different phases to ensure teams are able to get back on to hockey pitches as quickly and safely as possible in accordance with government restrictions. This overview shows the triggers for the different stages. Once we are in stage 3, subject to availability of venues (LCSD or otherwise) and other logistics we will consider providing hockey in smaller formats (such as indoor or hockey5s) to the extent permitted until we are in a position to resume 11 aside hockey. However please note that the ongoing uncertainty will continue to present challenges so the overview remains subject to change in the future.

We do not know when we will reach stage 5 and be in a position to start the women’s 2020/21 winter league. However, we set out below options and competition formats that will be adopted depending on the league start date and factor in parity of games across the board to the extent possible. However for the knock-out tournament, priority is given to the premier division Guv Dillon Cup as this is a sponsored event and thus beneficial to our sport overall. Please note the options below assume that in any event the season will be extended until 5 June 2021.

Option A – Start by 7 November 2020

DivisionNumber of rounds (games)Knock out tournament
Premier3 (21)
Division One2 (20)
Division Two2 (20)
Division Three2 (18)
Division Four3 (21)

Option B – Start by 9 January 2021

DivisionNumber of rounds (games)Knock out tournament
Premier2 (14)
Division One1.5 (14/15)
Division Two1.5 (14/15)
Division Three1.5 (13)
Division Four2 (14)

Option C – Start by 6 February 2021

DivisionNumber of rounds (games)Knock out tournament
Premier2 (14)
Division One1.5 (14/15)X
Division Two1.5 (14/15)X
Division Three1.5 (13)X
Division Four2 (14)X

Option D – Start by 6 March 2021

DivisionNumber of rounds (games)Knock out tournament
Premier1.5 (10)
Division One1 (10)X
Division Two1 (10)X
Division Three1 (9)X
Division Four1.5 (10)X



1. 2020/21 Discount
After calculating savings made due to the premature end of the 2019/20 season, the team fees will be comprised of:

(A) League Fee (Team Registration Fee): $750 per team

(B) Administration Fees

(i) Club Affiliation Fee: $750 per club

(ii) Administration Fee: $8,800 per team***

*** This amount reflects a discount of 20% (i.e. $2,200) per team.


2. Payment Timing
As in previous years (A) and (B) must be split into separate payments.

Due to the ongoing uncertainty about the resumption of our winter league as a result of Covid-19 and the related restrictions clubs will be invited to make payments in 2 instalments as described below. The exact deadlines for payments (and any potential impact on the second instalment if option D arises) will be circulated once there is more visibility on when competition can resume.

1st instalment (non-refundable) – to be paid at least 7 days before the first scheduled match of the HKHAWS 2020-21 winter league.

This will be comprised of:

(A) 100% of League Fee (Team Registration Fee): $750 per team

(B) Administration Fees

(i) 100% of Club Affiliation Fee: $750 per club

(ii) 50% of Administration Fee: $4,400 per team

2nd instalment – to be paid approximately 2 months after the first scheduled match of the HKHAWS 2020-21 winter league (i.e. once teams have played at least 8 matches)

This will be comprised of:

50% of Administration Fee: $4,400 per team


Should you have any questions about any of the above please do not hesitate to contact Jowie ( / or Bonnie ( We will circulate further details regarding registration and the convenors’ meeting in due course.


Kind regards


Download “HKHAWS 20-21 Circular No. 2 – Women’s League 20-21 Provisional Divisions & Update” PDF

Dear Convenors,

Based on the principles set out in the HKHAWS 19-20 Circular No. 21 and the information provided by clubs to date, the divisions for the coming season are expected to be as set out below. Please note that these are not yet confirmed as we understand that the situation for individual clubs may evolve over the next few weeks. However no further movements up or down are anticipated.

Premier DivisionDivision 1Division 2Division 3Division 4
CoyotezAntlers AElite BAntlers BAntlers C
HKCC AAquilaEwis AElite CKai Tak
HKFC ADutchHKFC EEwis B Police
Vets AHKFC DPhoenix BHKUSwire B
KCC BSkyers ARhinoValley E
Phoenix ASwire AValley D
Shaheen BValley CVets C
Valley BVets B

As we have no immediate visibility on when hockey can resume safely given the ongoing precautionary measures implemented by the Hong Kong Government we will delay the release of dates for registration
of teams, convenors’ meeting, promotion and relegation guidelines, fixtures and calendar for the coming season. However to facilitate planning kindly note that the expectation is that clubs will have a lead-in time of at least four weeks before the commencement to allow teams sufficient time to prepare. As in previous years we will be planning the competition to ensure a similar number of games for all teams regardless of their division. In the meantime should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.


Kind regards

HKHAWS Committee

Download “HKHAWS 20-21 Circular No. 1 – 2020-2021 HKHAWS committee members” PDF

To: Women’s Club Convenors
      HKHAWS Committee
      HKHA Council Members

Dear Club Convenors,

The HKHAWS is pleased to announce the 2020-2021 Committee members as listed below:

ChairwomanLeela PATEL
Vice ChairwomanCHAU Wing Kei (Noel)
Honorary SecretaryEva THOMETZ
Honorary Treasurer YII Sui Suet (Snowy)
Committee MemberYAU Yuen Ki (Kitty)
Committee Member Leena MADHVANI
Committee Member WONG Ching Lung (Selina)
Committee Member MOK Ka Man (Moka)
Committee Member LI Hiu In Vivian