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有接近一百五十年歷史的草地曲棍球自1928 年起成為奧運比賽項目。曲棍球是一種安全性高的非觸碰式隊制運動,由兩隊各11 人對賽,入球最多的一隊勝出。



The modern hockey game has been developed more than 150 years ago and has become part of the Olympic program since 1928. It is a non-contact sport and is played by two teams of 11 people. The team which scores the most goals wins.

Hockey for the young, the young-old and the old ones!

You may think hockey is only for the very fit. Then you’re wrong! Hockey can be played by people of all ages. The oldest active hockey player in Hong Kong is aged 80. Whats’ more, there’s walking hockey for those who want the fun of playing a team sport at their own pace. Enrol in these one-time fun sessions where you will learn the basics of controlling the stick and the ball and how to playa game. What’s more, you can enroll in subsequent courses to enjoy the fun of playing hockey with other people.