With regards to our earlier circular in August that all umpires applied for upgrading or wish to do so must pass a Multi-stage Fitness Test as required by the bye-laws.

Minimum passing requirement:

Age 30 and below: Level 9 for men and Level 8 for women

All other age groups: Level 7 for men and Level 6 for women

Following two arrangements are made:

1st Multi-stage Fitness Test for Umpires applied for Upgrading on 08 Nov. 2012 at 7:00 PM in HKFC (Tony/Alfred)

2nd Multi-stage Fitness Test for Umpires applied for Upgrading on 15 Nov. 2012 at 7:00 PM in KP (Tony/Alfred)

Therefore you are reminded again that if you are interested to be upgraded than as per the bye-laws you are require:

1) To pass Multi-stage Fitness Test.

2) To pass 2 Practical Assessment either at Premier Division or 1st Division depending on the class.

Please inform Ms. Eva Yeung evayeung@hockey.org.hk on your availability from above two choices on or before 31 October 2012.

To arrange a Multi-stage Fitness Test it requires extensive amount of logistic so your advance confirmation will help us a lot in determining to either keep the dates or to move them to some other appropriate time when we have more than 2 umpires confirming for the Multi-stage Fitness Test.



Chairman HKHAUS