The Promotion and Development Section’s hockey promotion on 20th November at the Sai Kung District Funday for the physically and mentally challenged was extremely well received. Over 300 children, adults and elders participated in custom developed drills by our five coaches at the Kin Choi Community Hall in Tiu Keng Lang. Through the use of specialized and modified equipment where necessary, we achieved the goal of being “inclusive in individual differences” promoted by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

We are delighted this opportunity allowed us to promote hockey at grass-root level. Given the significant number of families who turned up at our hockey stall and left with smiles on their faces, we have once again shown hockey can be a game for absolutely anybody. The Promotion and Development Section is proud to call the event a success and would like to extend our thanks to our coaches: Jackie, Grace, Ika, Kelson and Siddick.