The Hong Kong Hockey Association has today launched its new web site which it hopes will improve communications with players and club officials and deliver up to the minute hockey news and information for aficionados of the sport as well as the Hong Kong sports community in general.

The much enhanced functionality of the new website provides easy access to information and allows club officials to check and amend their registered player data bases on-line which should save a lot of time and effort in the pre-season registration process and in adding new players and checking player movements as the leagues progress.

Fixtures and results will also be updated on line by the Association’s administrators so that they are always current. In addition many back-office services have been streamlined through the website to improve efficiency and accuracy and allow the staff more time to focus on improvements and development.

The soft launch is to allow clubs to become familiar with the new site and to test and check the player registration process. Over the coming weeks more content will be added to the web site and it is hoped to be fully on-line by the coming February.

A big vote of thanks goes to Karina Lam of HKU who has devoted much time and effort in working with our consultants HKWWW to develop the new site.

Brenda Smith – Vice President