The 2012 Women’s Section AGM was held on June 20th.  Club representatives gathered together to go through the reports of the season and shared comments during an open forum.  A new committee was elected and prizes were presented to winners of the league and tournaments.  Individual awards were also announced.  This year, the top scorer trophy was created for premier division.  We hope that clubs will continue entering scorer details as we look to present top scorer trophies for the rest of the divisions next year.

Hong Kong Hockey Association Women’s Section Trophy Winners 2011-12

Player AwardsWinner
Premier Division Top ScorerAnnette Jenkins
Most Improved GoalKeeperBobbi Kearney
Most Promising JuniorElianne Vos
Most Outstanding PlayerAnnette Jenkins
Service to Hockeynot presented
1st Round
Division 1Brenda Smith TrophyRecreio A
Division 2Littlefair CupSkyers A
Division 3The Jean Field CupHKFC F
Division 4Betty Mair CupPhoenix A
Division 5The Chris Fraser Memorial CupValley D
Premier League – WinnersPremier Championship – Kitty Yau TrophyHKFC A
1st Division – WinnersEsra Abraham CupRecreio A
1st Division – Runners UpSouthorn CupHKFC D
2nd Division – WinnersHughes CupValley B
2nd Divison – Runners UpConway CupSkyers A
3rd Division – WinnersLuddington TrophyHKU A
3rd Division – Runners UpAveril Waters TrophyHKFC F
4th Division – WinnersCarter CupPhoenix A
4th Division – Runners UpDeayton CupKCC C
5th Division – WinnersShaheen CupValley D
5th Division – Runners UpArissa CupElite C
Knockout Competition
Knockout CupGremlins CupHKFC A
Knockout PlateGremlins PlateShaheen A
Knockout BowlChairman’s BowlHKU A
Knockout SaucerChairman’s SaucerLHT
9 a-side Tournament
Premier DivisionThe Spencer CupHKFC A
1st DivisionJudy Cox Memorial BowlRecreio A
2nd DivisionEvelyn Osmund CupValley B
3rd DivisionOsmund CupHKU A
4th DivisionA de O Sales TrophyPhoenix A
5th DivisionJasmine TrophyElite C
7 a-side Tournament
Premier Division – WinnersGlancy CupHKFC A
1st Division – WinnersE M Gray CupKCC B
1st Division – Runners upJean E. Hall PlateRecreio A
2nd Division – WinnersAssociation CupSkyers A
3rd Division – WinnersHolland PlateHKU A
4th Division – WinnersTherese Thomas CupHKU B
5th Division – WinnersAmanda Lowe Memorial CupElite C